Welcome to Vasundhara

Hi! Welcome to Vasundhara. I’m Mariam, but I also go by Mez, the nickname my friends and family call me. I see myself as a healer and guide for those who ask of life the same questions that I had. Sometimes life does not provide the answers we want, but we can navigate the ups and downs safely with the right tools and support. 

A few years ago, I was not a spiritualist by any means. I was practicing law in California when an explosive spiritual emergence (awakening) brought a fundamental paradigm shift into my life. I had suddenly developed a connection to the world of energy and spirit, which brought transformational destruction to my life. I had no context or framework for what was happening to me and endured a very long and painful Dark Night of the Soul, with the worst depression you can imagine. I nearly took my own life on multiple occasions. I lost my job, my friends, some family, and my “identity.” I definitely did not choose this path and too many times I found myself wishing, screaming, sobbing for my old life back, the one I had poured my blood, sweat, and tears into. Yet, in the profound darkness, at least one thing was clear. I had found my calling as a healer. 

While I still thought I might be insane, eventually I learned about how shamanism is expressed in various different cultures and came across the field of Transpersonal Psychology, the works of Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, Eileen Day McKusick, Janet Novahec, Dr. Emma BragdonDr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Daniel M. Ingram (now my amazing boss at Emergence Benefactors). These things put into context for me exactly what I was experiencing and why. 

Sometimes it is difficult to explain exactly what I do. It is a mix of intuitive reading, energy healing, and mirroring. I am a channel for your soul and spirit guides to see into what the next step is for your highest good. What I can say is, if you feel stuck in life, disconnected from your body, or have an issue you can’t resolve, I can help you see things from the bigger picture. We can look into your karmic bonds, looping patterns, and your energetic health to piece the puzzle together.  

Vasundhara, “daughter of the earth,” is the name of the Earth Star Chakra, the energy center that connects us deeply to Mother Earth. Gaia has been my greatest teacher on the path. She has provided us the gift of our bodies and the nurturing earth around us. Through becoming in tune with her natural rhythms, I found balance and light. I decided that launching Vasundhara would allow me to help others going through their own darkness. If you feel called to work with me, you can book here. Readings are done via phone and energy healing is usually done in person, although I can do remote sessions if necessary. If you cannot afford a session, limited scholarships are available. Email me.  

You can also attend my Channeling Practice Groups. At these groups, we practice channeling and other intuition-strengthening exercises. These groups include some individual energy clearing as needed. I also run Spiritual Emergency Peer Support Groups. You can find out more here.